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Mike Tyson debuts on Broadway!

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New York, Aug 03: Mike Tyson is delivering a punch yet again, only this time on an entirely different stage, as he makes his Broadway debut, through a one-man play, 'Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth'. Opening the show, the former boxing champion, called the opening night experience daunting.
After communism collapsed, the massive Moscow exhibition centre extolling the virtues of the planned economy fell into disrepair, but a spurt of Soviet nostalgia has given the facility a facelift. Duration: 02:10
Fans of dressing up as furry animals connected with their wild side, taking part in a costume parade in Berlin. Duration: 01:05
The Syrian authorities and rebels agreed to a truce in the southern Damascus district of Qadam which was a battlefield for more than a year. Duration: 00:33
Fierce fighting between government forces and pro-Russian rebels left dozens of civilians dead on Wednesday with artillery pounding central Donetsk as Ukrainian troops pushed on with a bloody offensive. Duration: 00:38

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